Who taylor swift dating 2016

But largely absent in all the rumors is Calvin Harris, whom Swift had been dating for more than a year before they broke up in early June, right before Swift and Hiddleston became an unholy fusion of enthusiasm, fame, and whimsy — ergo, a tabloid favorite.But on July 13, TMZ brought Harris back into the story when it reported that he and Swift broke up because they collaborated on "This Is What You Came For" — Harris’s smash single featuring Rihanna on vocals — and while Swift agreed to use a pseudonym to keep the focus off the pair’s couplehood, things went south when Harris went to promote the single.It’s an incredible evening.”In other Drizzy-related news, The Boy is preparing to drop his new "playlist" will be Drake's last project for Cash Money.For example, Ebro Darden of Hot 97 took to Twitter a few days ago and wrote, “The illest piece of the Drake album dropping in DEC is his Cash Money deal will be over… Mad people finishing their deals in the next 18mos…RIP, Nils Sjoberg (BMI) More surprising than an ex-boyfriend going on a defensive Twitter rant, though, is that this is exactly the kind of public spectacle that just doesn’t happen with players in Swift’s tightly controlled circle.

Regardless, it's interesting to play the what-if game: what if arguably the biggest rapper in the world dated arguably the biggest female music star in the world?Updated to include Katy Perry's on point response, and Swift ditching her Swedish pseudonym, because at this point, why not?has compiled a gallery of Twitter comments and reactions to the possible couple. Despite the rumors, sources tell TMZ that Drake and Tay Tay are not, in fact, dating." Calvin responded, "You know we haven't even spoken about it.I can't see it happening though." A secret song collaboration leading to an explosive breakup is already a good story.But I prefer the explanations that cast Swift as a puppet master pulling the strings of chiseled men in exactly the way she pleases.


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