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The town was a fishing and agricultural community for almost two hundred years, evolving into a manufacturing hub for shoes.Today Weymouth is a primarily residential, inviting coastal suburb just south of Boston, with a convenient proximity to the city and highways that has attracted many great families and businesses.His first target is his daughter's old high school, which he all but destroys.His next target is the mental hospital where his daughter was when she died and his final target is the feminist organization his ex-wife was a member of.However, during his attack on the hospital there are two people who witness this action, a creepy rapist named George Fromley and his victim, a young mute girl.When police detective Geronimo Minelli is assigned to the case he must find Fromley not only to keep him from striking again, but to keep him alive before the Dorn makes him his next victim.

So he plants bombs on places that did him wrong and the only person who witness him is a psycho rapist/killer (Brand).

The tape is duly made, and Dylan and friends blur out their own faces so they can't be identified — though Madison is clearly visible and recognizable — and Dylan makes the rest of his posse swear to secrecy.

Only one of them leaks the tape to a friend, and soon it goes viral throughout the school and naturally comes to the attention of the school administration."Restless Virgins" is a story that hooks bigger issues than Messrs.

Vince Edwards play a mean cop who is on the trail of the bomber and the rapist.

This film is on over 10 different video labels under the original title THE MAD BOMBER, but all of them are TV print.


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    In 1877 the lighthouse was moved lower on the hill.