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"Really, let's not."And suddenly, like that, it is very dark inside the Chateau Marmont. "I don't want to think in bed," she says decisively, "and reading in bed both provokes, and evokes, thinking."Like Diaz before her, Applegate is soon ordering some water and a lemon to dispense on the surface. From each, we have heard much that is amusing and in her favor. "Let's say you were sleeping with somebody," we continue blithely. In the spoon position, back to back or..."A frown spreads like palsy across the pretty Diaz face."Let's not talk about how I sleep, dude," she says, shaking her head. We find this fascinating, the gulf between lips, and we beetle our brow in contemplation. Also, last year, she married her longtime sweetheart, actor and former model Johnathon Schaech. These days, in the morning, she finds that she wakes up with a smile on her face "most of the time." She denies that she is in favor of reading in bed. But in such matters it is always wise to approach with a slippered step."So," we say, "in general, would you say you spend a lot of time in front of the makeup mirror? In fact, she's got some angry red pimples on her left cheek — and not one jot of Covermark covering them.

NE SUNNY DAY, ACTRESSES CAMERON Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair converge on an unsuspecting little bistro and bakery in West Hollywood, where they belch a lot, cuss a lot, order a few bowls of clam chowder, maintain that Spike Jonze is the coolest guy in town, impersonate both Jonathan Lipnicki and Ethel Merman, wonder how guys like their kernels to fit between their legs, declare affection for Britney Spears and say a few words about fish tacos.". And female friendship is something this trio seems to take seriously."It's the deepest thing, the most cherished," says Diaz. "I have a love for all people," she is saying, "except for total assholes and idiots." And choking on our bacon, we are quite certain we know who she means. " We pale, expecting the third degree and a full measure of the power of now. She said that when she was young, kids would ask her if her parents were bears, and all she could think of to say in response was, "No." This strikes us as infinitely sad, so today we don't bring it up, exactly. Meanwhile, Diaz is talking about people's personalities. Looking at her arms, which happen to have a charming amount of curly blond fluff on them, we are reminded of something that Applegate told Diaz and Blair at the bakery. Evidently, we have crossed some line maybe, unwittingly, we crossed that line long ago — and now Diaz will not even tell us the titles of books she is reading or whether she thinks she might be a high-maintenance type of girlfriend. "I have no idea." Naturally, we are dazed by this turn of events and splay back in our comfy chair, hoping to regroup. "It's, like, eight dollars to park downstairs, and I dont' have any cash. Then she removes a wad of gum from her mouth, crumples a piece of paper around it and makes it disappear.But I had one the other day — a fish taco, not a vagina — and it was quite good."This provokes much hilarity among the women, of course, and because they are a fun-loving bunch, their laughter is of the war-loud, knee-slapping variety. "I don't have women around me who talk shit or are inconsiderate to other women. I mean, I don't want you to hang out with us, but would you want to? Actually, we are of two minds about what has happened here. Instead, we ask about boys ("Boys didn't like me when I was younger," she responds. Blair likes taking pictures and going on Outward Bound outdoor-adventure programs and diving for quarters at the bottom of swimming pools. But soon enough, they get down to more serious matters. Because it's all about taking care of each other and watching each other's backs.""We understand each other and our emotions," seconds Applegate."We're sisterly and nurturing," agrees Blair. Because of the sex factor."So that's the way it is here, very high-minded indeed. Because just then, Applegate turns to Blair: "I think I want to kiss you right now," she says. "This strikes all the women here as an avenue worth exploring. One mind is delighted at the way Diaz has defined boundaries and shut us down, for if you were close to her and hanging around in her circle, you could be sure, probably, that your secrets are safe with her. But now — well, now we mostly want to get the heck out of there, before Diaz can lay into us for lack of manners and logic. "I was a little chunkier than I am now"); about men ("I dated someone when I was seventeen who was, like, twenty-seven. And then, twelve years ago February 7th, he died,"She drops it just like that, "he died," taking our breath away. She doesn't like the way Mario, her gardener, knocks on her door and asks for a hug. .""So the pain won't be...""Yeah."After that, we sit there a while longer, in a kind of odd communion. We can still feel her warm, hot breath on our neck. But it didn't take, and the show was canceled. Early options included , featuring that kiss with Sarah Michelle Geller, about which Blair likes to say, "Sarah's lips were so soft, it was really pleasant. She is twentynine, but the only age in her is in the few lines around her eyes. Her mother, who raised her and is a magistrate in Detroit, took three years to name her; until that day, she was known only by the name Baby Blair.


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