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Template: Infobox Company Planet Out Inc., a public media and entertainment company, exclusively targeting a segment of the LGBT demographic.

It operates several LGBT-themed web sites including and Planet, and in November 2005 acquired LPI Media, the publisher of The Advocate, Out Magazine, HIV Plus, and Alyson Books.

"It basically has a large dance area, a DJ section, maybe one or two other small dance areas featuring different types of music, and a few bar areas to purchase drinks and to socialize." Meredith Warburton is a junior Hospitality Management Business Administration major at Johnson and Wales University.

Warburton has had several dating experiences with girls that she has met at nightclubs, but still offers concerns about meeting people you are unfamiliar with.

One of the few gay bars near The College of New Jersey, the Cartwheel, is located in New Hope, Pa., is primarily for an older crowd.

Gays and lesbians usually have to travel to a larger metropolis such as Philadelphia and New York City, to find a larger dating pool.

It is easy to become wrapped up in the magic of Internet dating, but you must keep yourself safe too." These are some of the most important online dating tips that Mc Farlane listed: Activism Through activism, either in a main city or at the college level, homosexuals can expand their social circle. No matter what your interest, there are groups out there to fit your needs, and people just waiting to meet you.

A hugely untapped resource to meet homosexuals is through activism and group organizations. John Kell is a senior journalism major, women and gender studies minor at The College of New Jersey.

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While many freshman steer towards the fraternity scene and a majority of older students can be found at local bars, the scene around The College of New Jersey leaves many students out.

Nightclubs and bars Similar to their straight counterparts, many queer college students find that nightclubs and bars are a great place to search for a connection with someone of the same sex.

Kristyn Mugrauer is a senior Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management major at New Mexico State University (NMSU).

This culture can be found at nearly every college in America and their methods of socializing and dating are quite different from the straight majority.

For most, Greek parties would not cater to their particular lifestyle, nor would they rarely find an emotional connection at these events.


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