Goth christian dating website

For emo, black is still a dominant color but they also like band t-shirts, tight jeans, scarves, hoodies and layered clothing.

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Now that you know the basic similarities and differences between emo and goth, it is pretty easy to distinguish one from the other, isn’t it? You agree that we have no liability for any damages.

By design, this list also excludes anything released before 1980 and after the mid-90s.

It pains us greatly to neglect the dystopian “We Are the Dead,” the maddening “Frankie Teardrop,” the fiery “Janitor of Lunacy,” or even a string of quintessential Shangri-Las singles.

This list is not necessarily a perfect starter kit either, though you could certainly do worse than pick up every record listed below and listen ad nauseum (please be careful if you’ve found yourself here and don’t have the emotional fortitude for this kind of undertaking).

Instead, our list selects many of our favorite classic records that were released during goth’s initial gestation, explosion, and eventual decline from the mainstream consciousness.


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