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Do they hate answering questions about where they’ve been or what they’ve been up to? [Read: How to give the right kind of space and prevent your partner from straying] #9 They get jumpy.Try walking in on your partner when they least expect it without announcing yourself, especially if they’ve been by themselves for a while.Of course, sometimes you may be going overboard with your paranoia, especially if you’re rather clingy and insecure to begin with.[Read: 13 clingy girlfriend signs that’ll ruin your relationship] But what if, by some miniscule margin, your instincts do turn out to be right eventually? You don’t know how, but you feel it in your gut, and something tells you that your partner is cheating on you.You try confronting your partner about it, but they swat your concerns away and tell you that you’re just being paranoid. Are you convinced that your spouse is cheating on you, even though you can’t find any proof of it?

If your guy gets angry, pushes you away or tries avoiding it at all costs, chances are, he may be exhausted down there.

Have they started working out, dressing better, or started using a new seductive intense evening perfume?

They may have no reason for the changes, and almost always, these changes may seem very spontaneous. Every now and then, drop by unannounced to their workplace or come back home early.

He could always wash himself up before getting home, but getting it up immediately and blowing a huge load, that’s not the easiest thing to do! Most cheating partners intentionally try to pick fights, slam the door and walk away, because it makes a great excuse to slip out of the house and meet their adulterous lover.

If your partner’s been picking fights and walking out of the house often recently, try to follow them on the pretense of apologizing *if they see you following them*.


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