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She does not believe Hill knew what would transpire the day of the homicide, and believes she was just offering suspect Sutton Wilson a ride."I honestly think that Brooklyn is just as shocked as everybody else in this.

And I'm sure she's hurting that somebody died in account of what happened to her," Hill's friend said.

Wilson said she had met Hill while attending North Valley High School with her. The real story of the black female mathematicians who helped revolutionise NASA during the US space program is incredible.In one pivotal scene, John Glenn (the man who went on to become the first American to orbit the Earth thanks largely to the women's work) is anxious that things aren't right with his flight trajectory.She also described Hill as unique, bubbly, sweet and outgoing.The friend added that when she moved to Redding, Hill was someone who befriended her, and they have been close ever since.He's always on my mind because he didn't deserve none of this.


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