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When Taurus refuses to join in with the Sagittarians sporting ways, he/she will find someone who will.There are few if any natural domestic talents in Sagittarius (unless the stars are well placed) and the Taurus' domestic abilities are not given a second thought.Any forgiveness of the offender may come along with a nice dose of condescension.(See How to get a Sagittarius to forgive you.) Perhaps the biggest danger of hurting a Sagittarius is that she won’t want to stick around any longer.Sagittarius and Taurus love compatibility They are two very different personality types.

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Unfortunately, Jupiter can be arrogant, so it’s not uncommon for the Sagittarius to think that she’s superior to the person who hurt her.They are both active, spontaneous people who like socializing, have extravagant tastes in common, and enjoy the good life.The Aries' optimism and his good sense of humor will help to overcome propensity of the Sagittarius to argue and will bring a funny side into the process of making love.About Jeffrey Kishner Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology.He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001.If you want to avoid having to enter your name and email every time you post, create an account.


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