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You do not need a college degree or even a high school diploma to teach the classes.You just need to know the material and how to teach it.See the Directory ****************** Which sounds more romantic?Is it more romantic to say, "Beloved, I see that the divorce rate is 50%.

You are not diagnosing and treating a couple's disorder.- Skills, once learned are modeled at home where "the children are watching" and thus are likely to also reduce divorce in future generations.- Skills also generalize to relationships with co-workers, neighbors, peers, in-laws, etc. Teach the courses and offer programs in your community – in congregations, community centers, schools, military bases, Extension offices, clinical practice – in any setting. Marriage Education is an approach that teaches the skills andinformation needed to communicate, manage conflict, and have healthy, satisfying relationships.You can teach this material to couples (or singles) in classes, retreats, workshops and at-a-distance learning (online, phone-coaching, DVD-based) programs.- Courses usually eight to 16 hours long, and are usually taught in a weekend or one-night-a-week format.


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