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Schedule-2 of the Ofcom licence conditions includes a restriction on unattended use near Scarborough.

The philosophy behind band planning is that it assigns frequencies for certain activities in such a way that all current users can practice the various modes of amateur radio with a minimum of mutual interference.

This 25k Hz wide sub-band has been made all-modes so it can be shared with the downlinks from new amateur satellite linear transponders. Users of the satellites need to account for Doppler shift to ensue they stay inside the bottom band edge.

Next season will be the ninth year that we have been using League Republic to manage the Hertfordshire and Middlesex junior rugby leagues.

Each year we have grown in number of teams and fixtures, with almost 800 games played and administered by the site last season.

This 125k Hz wide sub-band is allocated to modes with a maximum transmission bandwidth of 500Hz.

The bottom 85 k Hz is allocated exclusively to CW operation.


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